Rite-Aid 101

Plenti Program
Rite Aid got rid of their +Up program and replaced it with the Plenti Program. The Plenti Program works at a lot of different retailers. Macy's, Exxon, Mobil, AT&T, Nationwide, Direct Energy, Amex, & Hulu. To learn more about their partners just click here.

Rite Aid customers will earn Plenti points on rotating product offers at Rite Aid. Accelerate your points earning with special weekly offers and receive wellness+ benefits including special pricing and store-wide discounts.

200 pts can get you at least $2 in savings on qualifying purchases at Rite Aid, Exxon, Macy’s and Mobil

Click here for details on exclusions and restrictions.

  • Earn 1 wellness+ point for $1 spent on non-prescription purchases at Rite Aid
  • Earn up to 25 wellness+ points for prescriptions filled at Rite Aid (except in NY and NJ)
  • Already have a wellness+ account? Simply link your existing wellness+ account to Plenti and your wellness+ status discounts stay the same
If you have a transaction where your total after tax is $4.79 and you have 490 points. You can use 479 of your points to pay for the entire transaction including the tax. This has been confirmed by customer service BUT the points that you do earn from participating products from your transaction you will not be able to use right away. Just like their old +Up rewards, you will have to wait until the following day at 6am to use the points. 

So here's a quick crash course on the Plenti Program:
  • You can purchase items with points, and earn points on the same transaction.
  • Points can also be earned and used shopping at riteaid.com
  • Rite Aid customers will continue to earn wellness plus points towards gold/silver/bronze status
  • American Express also will be rolling out a plenti-branded credit card that will let users earn a point for each dollar charged.
  • You can use any number of points, and if you have enough points available you can pay your full balance including tax. e.g. Subtotal is $6.99, Total after Tax is $7.41 and you have 741 available, you will have no OOP cost.
  • Some items, such as prescription drugs, are excluded from discounts.
  • Points may be redeemed at Rite Aid starting 6 am the day after they are earned.
  • To be eligible to use Points, you must have at least 200 Points in your Plenti account. 
  • The Points you earn do not expire for two years!
In-Ad Coupons

Rite Aid in-ad coupons can be found in the weekly sales circular that come in the weekend newspaper or you can find them near the entrance of your local Rite Aid store. These are store coupons with the sequence RC49 preceding the numerals under the barcode.

Photo Credit: Rite Aid
Rite Aid coupon policy calls these “Rite Aid Manufacturer Coupons.” (It’s like a coupon contradiction: Is it a Rite Aid store coupon or a manufacturer coupon?) Don't fret my little frugal shoppers, these indeed are store coupons. 

Stacking Coupons

The Rite Aid coupon policy allows the customer to use more than one coupon per item as long as the total of the coupons is equal to or less than the price of the product before sales tax. The best part about stacking coupons at Rite Aid is that you are allowed to use three (yes you read that right, three!) coupons per item. Here’s a quote straight from the policy:

"No more than
One “48” Rite Aid Valuable coupon,
One “49” Rite Aid Manufacturer coupon, and
One “5” Manufacturer coupon can be used on a single item.”

This is why it’s important to look at the first numerals along the barcode of your coupon. You can use these numerals to determine how many coupons can be redeemed against one item.


Rite Aid limits shoppers to no more than four identical coupons in one shopping order. This is just like any other store. Quantities allowed are up to the store manager’s sole discretion.

Buy One Get One Free Coupons

Shoppers used to be be able to stack BOGO coupons with BOGO sales but this has since changed. Rite Aid has updated their coupon policy and no longer allows that. Their policy now states the following:

“. . . only one coupon can be used for each pair of items purchased. A customer can use one “cents off” coupon in conjunction with the item they are purchasing on a Buy One Get One Free promotion (or with a Buy One Get One Free coupon), although the value of the cents off coupon cannot exceed the selling price of the item.”


Overages are not allowed. This means if the coupon exceeds the value of the item, the items is free and no money is given back or that any credit is put towards the rest of your purchase. For example:

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser Bar, 4.5 oz $2.99, Sale Price
Use $7.00/2 Cerave Products 
Total: Free


I know what you're thinking -- wait how will I get a moneymaker if they don't allow overages? It's easy! Let me explain, here's how. Although Rite Aid does not allow for overages, you can still make money on a product using Plenti Points (as I stated above). When the Points you receive exceed the amount that you paid OOP on a product, it is considered a moneymaker. Here is an example:

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 24 oz, Lysol Disinfecting Wipes 2/$4.00
Buy 2, Receive 200 Plenti Points, Limit 2
Use $1.50/2 Lysol Cleaning Products
Total: $2.50, Receive 200 Plenti Points. Making it a $0.50 Moneymaker

Remember that you don't have to get handed cash to make it a moneymaker. You are earning points that you will use towards future purchases that lowers your OOP which makes it a moneymaker. It's a win/win situation.