December 19, 2012

Make Cake Mix Better: Tips And Tricks

Even if you want to bake a cake from scratch, sometimes there just isn't time. And when the holidays hit, this is especially true. That's why boxed cake mixes are so great. Unfortunately, if you follow their directions, they don't always taste that way. But we have seven hacks to make these easy cakes taste like you made them from scratch. They may seem like small suggestions, but the boxed-cake
hacks listed below will mean the difference between a cake you want to eat and one that gets thrown out. Added bonus: the time you save from using a mix means you actually get to enjoy the holidays this time around.
  • Substitute Butter For Oil. Butter tastes better. So using butter in place of the neutral-flavored vegetable oil will obviously make an improvement on your boxed cake's flavor. 
  • Double The Fat. Fat is what makes things taste good. The more fat, the better the taste. And since you're eating cake already, you may as well do it right. Add twice the amount the boxed cake mix calls for -- you won't regret it 
  • Use Packaged Pudding. Pudding helps add richness to boxed cake mixes and helps retain moisture. It also lets you get creative too. While chocolate is always a good choice, you can experiment with flavors like pistachio. 
  • Use Something Better Than Water. Substitute flavored liquids for water. Water is bland, coconut milk, juice, buttermilk or regular milk are not. Using these will add flavor. Decide which flavor based by the cake you're making. 
  •  Add Mix-Ins. Just because the directions don't call for it doesn't mean you shouldn't add nuts, chocolate or fruit to your cake. Add-ins make for a more interesting cake -- always.
  •  Make Your Frosting okay with boxed cake mixes because you can always improve upon them, but when it comes to frosting it's crucial to make your own. Frosting's are easy to make, and will determine the fate of your cake. 
  •  More Eggs. Eggs give cake flavor and help them rise. Add an extra egg or two for a richer, fluffier cake. 
*Courtesy of Huffington Post*

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