About Me: Frugalicious Marie

Hello, my name is Helen-Marie. I am a mother of 3 amazing kids. I started this blog several years ago after my friends and family kept telling me to start sharing my frugality and craftiness with the world. I kept getting questions like "How do you save so much?", "What coupons do I use for this?", "I'm planning a party but I don't want to spend that much on decorations or food, can you help me?". So I gave in and started a blog!

I love to save money and love spending time with my family. I started this blog as a "Coupon Blog" but have since added more content to it. It is a frugal lifestyle blog. I will post anything from shopping hauls to updates on my books, stuff about parenting, and everything else that I possibly could blog about. We all want to learn how to save money while on vacation, we all want fast easy and cheap recipes, and we all want some fun DIY frugal crafts! We all want to cut the spending somewhere so we have some leftover in the bank to spend on the things that are worth spending money on. That is where my product reviews come in. I love to share my honest opinion on products that are great and worth the money.

I not only run this blog and 2 others, but I also have written a few books, work full time as an Administrative Coordinator at a University and am also continuing my education to pursue my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and my master's in Art Therapy.