February 15, 2013

Anti-Bullying Giveaway!

I have this amazing feeling that has taken over my heart. I finished watchign the documentary Bully and it broke my heart to see those kids go through that and the parents that have lost their child to suicide because of bullying. I was just speaking with the father from Bully who lost his son. I am going to be helping him come here and visit some schools, try to get him out here for the Mayfair and the Allentown Fair and have him speak at the Universities as well. When I give my word, I give my heart and I put in work. I deliver. Remember that! help raise awareness! Stop bullying! I have emailed the school district here, and some other places. yayyyy! I can't wait until this all finally happens! Show your support and donate or buy a shirt and post your pic on my Facebook page of you wearing the shirt and you just might win $50 gift card of your choice! The website is http://www.standforthesilent.org/ This giveaway starts now! Look at the different shirts below! 


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