March 24, 2013

Awesome Creative & Clever Ideas

1. By using a simple metal paper binder clip at the bottom of rack, you can create a beer pyramid to save space.

2. Sriracha's only problem is that its bottle delivers only big globs of sauce anywhere you put it. Which means you sometimes get a big, face-melting bite among sadly hot-sauce-less bites. Behold, Sprayracha. By attaching a simple spray-bottle cap to your large bottle of Sriracha, you can now easily and evenly mist your plate. Enjoy, and keep your face out of the way!

3. The next time you are painting a room, simply wrap a rubber band vertically (as seen in the picture above) around the can as a place to wipe off excess paint. No more drip!

4. Keep your straws in your soda by simply turning the tab sideways and inserting the straw.

5. To dry your shoes (or wash them if you have a front loading washer), place the laces outside of the door and close it. They stay in one place and you wont have to deal with the clunking sound!

5. Place the paper binder clips at the edge of your desk to gain full control of all of your cords.

6. To keep your jewelry perfect and detangled, simply run them through a straw and they will never be tangled again. I really love this idea.

7. To keep Christmas lights untangled and ready for next year, simply wrap them around a clothes hanger to avoid a mess.

8. Line the shelves of your fridge with Press-and-Seal saran wrap. When it's dirty, peal away the mess!

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