May 23, 2013

Couponing Tip: The Pros and Cons of End Caps

Couponing Tip: The Pros and Cons of End Caps

End caps are the shelves that face the main walkways, at the end of each long individual aisle. Learning the advantages and drawbacks of shopping end caps can save you big once you’ve gained the know-how!


  • Extras: When you head down the aisle to get your advertised product and find an empty shelf, check end caps to see if a larger stock is available there. Usually grocery stores (and sometimes drugstores) will order extra of sale items and place them in a different, bigger, or more prominent area.
  • Clearance: Often clearance sections will be on an end cap. These can be great finds, especially if you have a coupon to pair with the discounted item!


  • Price awareness: Remember that not everything on an end cap is a great sale price. Sometimes the products featured are at regular price or just an okay (not stock-up) price. These lure in unsuspecting shoppers and increase impulse buys. Oftentimes, manufacturers will pay to get their products in these hot spots.
  • Flavor/variety selection: End caps usually have the most popular and best selling flavors/varieties of products here. For a wider selection, check the product’s specific aisle.

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