August 22, 2013

$15 for $120 Toward Hairstyling Tools and Products

$15 for $120 toward hairstyling tools and products. This deal is a deal that should not be passed! To get this deal click on the picture or click here!
See the online inventory for yourself to see the original prices!

NuMe's trademark curling wands and flat irons set themselves apart with a suite of innovative technologies. Solid-ceramic plates infused with crushed tourmaline produce a field of negative ions, counteracting the positive ions that produce static electricity and dry, unruly locks. The plates' floating design keeps them in full contact with hair during every shift of the hand to prevent awkward creases. Other features are professional-grade refinements on classic equipment: a 360-degree swiveling cord helps avoid tangles for people who like a lot of spinning around in their morning routine; powerful but non-burning infrared-heating elements take just 6–10 seconds to fully warm up; and an ultra-precise control switch allows for temperatures ranging from 140 to 410 degrees.

More than a decade of research and development has gone into these formulas and inventions, but the stylists behind them know that their true test is in the transition between the lab and the bathroom mirror. Accordingly, they keep a YouTube channel populated with reviews, tutorials, and styling tips to help create long-lasting curls or sleekness.

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