August 20, 2013

$15.00 off Disney Inifinity Starter Pack at Toys R Us

My friend had texted me asking me "Can you find me a coupon for the Disney Infinity Pack for the Wii U or the PS3?" My response of course was, (being the coupon guru that I am) "Give me a few minutes and I will find one for you." So as I searched, I came across this 20% OFF ANY Disney Infinity Item Coupon from Toys R Us. The Disney Infinity Starter Pack is priced at $74.99 at Toys R Us, with this coupon it will be $59.99, that takes off $15.00!!!!! This coupon is valid from 8/18 until 8/24. It expires in 4 days! If you are shopping online then you will have to enter code #962213, otherwise the coupon can be printed from here

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