August 7, 2013

Back To School Checklist

3 weeks before school starts

• Gather your hubby’s old shirts for art smocks; place in backpacks.
• Set up a “launch pad” in a convenient location near the door in your house. Get one basket or crate for each child;
use these baskets for your kids’ belongings, e.g. books, hat, gloves, sports equipment.

2 weeks before school starts

• Start getting your kids back on their school year bedtime routine, including setting aside time for reading
if you have let that slip over the summer.
• Get your babysitter schedule set up in advance so you have time in your schedule to work out, run errands,
have date night with your hubby, and enjoy an occasional well-deserved girls’ night out!
• Check progress on summer reading and math packets. If necessary, set aside time each day to complete
summer work.

1 week before school starts

• Schedule kids’ haircuts as needed.
• Make a “favorite foods” list for each of your children. Make sure to note what they like best for lunch, snacks,
and dinner so that you’ll remember those foods at the grocery store.
• Bulk shopping: visit your local big box retailer and stock up on non-perishable basics like juice/milk boxes,
napkins, sandwich bags, and snack foods like pretzels. You can also stock up there on supplies like permanent
markers, pencils, pens, tissues, and looseleaf paper.

5 days before school starts

• Gather supplies for you: scented candles for after-school stress relief; lined journals for recording notes and
thoughts; big sunglasses and tissues if you are anticipating an emotional first day of school!
• Make sure your camera is charged and ready for the first day of school.

3 days before school starts

• Plan meals for the first week of school.
• Grocery shopping: Be sure to make a list; include items needed for your meal plan and from your child(ren)’s
“favorite foods” list.

1 day before school starts

• Prepare lunches and snacks for the first day of school
• Pack supplies in backpacks
• Lay out clothes for first day of school
• Set alarm clocks

First Day of School: Enjoy!

I have a “First Day” tradition that I’d like to share with you. I takes a picture of my kids  every year on the first day of school.

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