Couponing Tip: Know What to Carry in Your Coupon Binder

by - November 13, 2013

Couponing Tip: Know What to Carry in Your Coupon Binder

One of the best weapons a couponer has in his/her possession against rising retail prices is a coupon binder! Bam!

What can you add to your binder to make it even more useful? 

Notebook: Of course you need this because this has your list in it that you made from the weekly ad. You also need this to make any notes in it of any unadvertised deals that you may come across that may last for a few weeks (Target does this a lot).

Writing Utensil: Besides using to check off items from your list and writing a few notes (like unadvertised deals that may last a few weeks that you may want to catch the following week), and noting items needing rain checks.

Accordion Portfolio: To hold all of your weekly store ads. I have mine in Alphabetical order because it's easier to find for me.

Weekly ads: Even if you have your list all written out from the weekly ad, bring it along! You may run across an unexpected deal and need to clip a store coupon, confirm the weight/size of the sale product, or verify a price that don't ring up correctly at the register. I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me!

Store Layouts: To speed things up at the store, especially with kids or when pressed for time, have a layout of the store and its aisles. You can always find them online. I have printed them and have them in my binder as well. They are located in the front with all of the store policies.

Store Policies: I cannot stress this one enough! Having and understanding each store’s coupon policy is extremely helpful in knowing how to correctly shop at each location and in educating cashiers/managers when you run into problems. Print out the ones for stores where you shop and keep them with your binder. I keep mine in a plastic sleeve in the front of my binder.

Calculator: I always use my phone to calculate my out-of-pocket expense before heading to the register so you will need to do the same. This comes in handy ALL of the time! And make sure you have a notebook to write it down as you go so that you can match you total OOP versus their total OOP.

Scissors: You never know when you'll need to clip a store coupon from an ad flyer when you're in the store. I ALWAYS CARRY MINE WITH ME! My scissors stay in my accordion portfolio where my I keep my weekly store ads.

Stock Up Price List:
The more you keep at it at couponing, the more you will learn and make up your own Stock up Price List. So when you do, make your own excel spreadsheet and carry it with you in your binder.

Do not carry this big thing with you when shopping. Make sure you have your list and your coupons in a little accordion envelope. Thank me later. :-)

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