January 26, 2014

Couponing Tip: Use a Stapleless stapler!

Couponing Tip: Use a Stapleless stapler!

I like to cut my time in half so I cut all of my inserts in one shot. I use this awesome Crayola stapleless stapler that I "borrowed" from my daughter.....shhhh she doesn't know lol..anyways i simply "staple" them then either use my paper cutter (which you can get at AC Moore or Michaels using their 50% off a regularly priced item coupon) or use scissors.


  1. I thought a stapleless stapler would be a great idea but I hated how it left a big hole in the coupons. I went back to using a normal one.

    1. That's why I never staple the coupon itself. I staple the outside of it. I'm very particular with the way I cut my coupons lol


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