January 30, 2014

Shopkick: Game on--100 kick walk-ins at several stores today!


Shopkick partners with the nation's top retailers and hundreds of key brands to drive outstanding results to their businesses. Shopkick builds intent to shop by showcasing great products at familiar stores nearby, then rewards users who visit stores and engage with products. That drives the #1 measure for retailers—foot traffic—and the #1 measure for brands, product engagement and sales. As the only smartphone application capable of knowing when a consumer is physically in a store, shopkick enables retailers and brands to reach their audience at key points in their purchasing decisions. Shopkick is the only platform with direct consumer engagement both at home and in-store, with millions of users.

why it works.

Consumers don’t want to download multiple apps for different stores and use a different app every time they enter a new one. Our coalition of leading retailers and brands nets a larger, more engaged user base than single-retailer or consumer commerce apps.

In just three years shopkick has delivered amazing results.

Join Shopkick today! I've already earned so many kicks and have claimed giftcards from Target and there is proof on my receipts that I have posted from my shopping trips! Check it out!

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