February 27, 2014

GE Reveal Room Makeover!

So a few weeks ago I ran a GE Reveal Bulb giveaway. I am a huge fan of GE Reveal light bulbs! I decided to makeover my room and my son's room. Below are the bulbs I was sent for free from GE Lighting for the room makeover.

So the first room I will present to you is my room. My room wasn't very bright and the bulb in the before picture had burnt out 1 week after putting it in, just in case you are wondering why it is not lit. If you notice the before picture, the room is dim, and the light bulb is a bit blah and yellow. In the second pic the GE Reveal light bulbs brighten the room and have a crisp brightness to them. Even when taking the picture, it is crisp.

The next and final room I made over was my son's room. My son is 5 and is very particular about the lighting in his room because he is always drawing and coloring! In the before pic you can see that it is very dark, yellow and you can barely see the chest and the detail of toys on top of the chest of drawers. In the After pic, you can see the room more bright, you see more detail in the pic and can see more details on his wall decal and his toys. This is extremely important because it also opens up the room and makes it look bigger AND more light helps him see so that he can draw.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing about the GE Reveal light bulbs is that they use 28% less energy! which means lower light bills and more money to save and keep in your pocket! Clean, beautiful light. Unlike ordinary bulbs, GE reveal light bulbs filter out the dingy yellow tones. Switch on the true beauty of your home. Can't find the right bulb? Try the GE bulb selector at www.Target.com/GE to help select the perfect bulb for you!  My number 1 store to shop at is Target which is where I like to buy almost everything at. Target has a huge selection of GE Reveal light bulbs. Below I have a scenario listed with coupons and Target's Cartwheel program! For more information on these awesome light bulbs and any GE Reveal brand bulb, go to www.gelighting.com/reveal

GE Reveal Light Bulbs $1.29, $2.79, or $4.19
Use GE $1/1 energy smart, reveal cfl, energy efficient reveal or energy efficient soft white lighting product SS 1/12 (exp3/5)
Or Use GE $2/1 led lighting product $15+ SS 1/12 (exp 3/5)
And Use $2.00/1 GE Reveal Lightbulb Target Store Coupon (target.com)
Use 25% off GE Reveal Light Bulbs, assorted varieties Target Cartwheel Offer (cartwheel.target.com)
Total: As low as Free!

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