February 17, 2014

Cottenelle-The Great T.P. Race:Don't get short-sheeted!

By now, you have likely heard that Cottonelle Clean Care Double Rolls offer 25% more sheets per roll than its competitor, Charmin Ultra Strong double roll. To help consumers avoid getting short-sheeted, Cottonelle brand has created a series of short videos and an infographic that demonstrate most definitely, #MoreIsBetter.  Because making simple swaps in the products you buy can add up to big value and savings. Here are the details:
  • Don’t Get Caught Empty-Handed Video: Two stalls. Two brands: Cottonelle Clean Care Double Roll and the Charmin Ultra Strong Double Roll -- Which will outlast the other?
  • The Great T.P. Race Video: In the Blue Corner: Cottonelle Clean Care Double Roll. In the Red Corner: Charmin Ultra Strong Double Roll. Who will win this epic race to the finish line? On you marks, get set, GO!
  • Whether from technology, sports or your favorite TV shows, vacation, or perks during your commute – more is always better. (see below)

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