May 23, 2014

DIY Wine Riddling Rack!

So while I was on Facebook, I went through my news feed and saw that my friend had made a wine rack! It looks super awesome and you don't have to spend a lot of money making it! This cost my friend probably like $5.00 for the wood, a couple screws n glue!

Photo Credit & Made by: Jayson Jacquez

Here are the steps for this DIY amazingly frugal creation! 

  1. He used 2 x 4 wood. But you can use whatever you want. 
  2. Decide how many rows you want to go with, He went with 
  3. 5. Drill out the holes at a 45 degree angle or close to it, with a 1.1/4" spade bit. 
  4. Space out with scalp wood you may have lying around.
  5. Sand, glue and screw each piece together.
  6. Fill screw holes with wood filler then sand again
  7. Beat the rack with a hammer to give it a distressed look and then stain it with any type of wood stain of your choice.
  8. Depending where you hang it use spax, tap cons or whatever you feel works. 
  9. Hang it and fill with wine!

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