May 27, 2014

Help my friend Sam and donate to her GoFundMe page to help her out with medical expenses, bills, and wigs!

A friend of mine has been going through a tough time lately and will go through 4 more chemo treatments in the upcoming weeks and will end up losing her hair after going through radiation treatments the last few weeks. My friend's name is Samantha. She is 28 years old, married to the love of her life, and they have two amazing and beautiful kids. Here is what I copied from her blog:
"My story starts not long after I had my beautiful daughter Arabella. I had changes in my body that I convinced myself were because I was nursing my daughter and my body was just reacting to it. I say this because when you nurse, it isn't uncommon to bleed a bit during/after intercourse because of the lack of estrogen. However, and the spotting got worse, I didn't get checked. That was my downfall..."
She was diagnosed with cervical cancer and everything began there. Her husband has been amazing and very supportive. Those that have been through this, know that this is very expensive so the hospital bills are plenty and now on top of that, she will be losing her hair. There is a Go Fund Me page that has been started to help her get some donations for some wigs and to help out with some hospital bills! It would be greatly appreciated if my readers and followers would please donate! Here's a picture of Sam with her husband and their kids!

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