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by - June 24, 2014

GIANT is encouraging customers who haven’t yet tried their Own Brands to put them to the test in a new promotion. For two weeks in early July and then again for two weeks in late July/early August, customers who purchase selected national brand products (which will be highlighted in-store and in the weekly circular), will receive GIANT’s Own Brands equivalent products for free in the Buy Theirs, Get Ours Free Challenge. Items included in this promotion are select snacks, health care items and other summertime picnic essentials.

All GIANT’s Own Brands products are subject to a testing program, which includes customer feedback, to ensure that the grocer is consistently delivering on quality, taste and value. Based on this testing, hundreds of Own Brands products have been reformulated in the past couple of years to improve upon taste and quality, while still offering affordable prices.

Giant mailed me a package with a few thing to review (pictured below) which I have tested and will write reviews on below! My plan was to do all video reviews BUT that didn't work. LOL with kids (my son constantly wanting to dance like Michael Jackson once a camera turns on) made it very hard!

So the first I did was the Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce VS the Giant Brand BBQ Sauce.
I decided to make Oven baked BBQ Chicken Thigh Fillets with White Rice and beans. I'd have to say the kids and my husband enjoyed both. They could not tell the difference. I didn't tell them which one was which. :-)

The next thing I tested out was the Tide Pods VS the Giant Brand Packs Laundry. I liked them both. The only thing I would say about the Tide Pods is that I would prefer the Powder because the blue liquid in the pods left some stains on some of the clothes. The Giant Brand did not leave any blue stains on the clothes. I had to re-do the Tide load with some Powder detergent to get the blue out of the clothes. I was very satisfied with the Giant Brand Laundry Detergent Packs.

The next test I did was Hillshire Farm Ham VS Giant Brand Ham. I made the kids sandwiches and cut them in half. They were not told which one was which and they preferred the Giant Brand yet again. For some reason Hillshire gave them a funny after taste. They stated that Giant brand tasted more like Boar's Head Ham, which is their favorite!

The next test I did was Planters Peanuts VS Giant Brand Peanuts. I gave my dad some Planters and some Giant. He preferred Planters. I however could not tell the difference in taste but I could tell the difference when looking at them. Planters peanuts are more shiny and oily and Giant Brand more dry (which I prefer). I also looked at the calorie count. Planters has 170 per serving and Giant has 160 calories per serving. I prefer less calories while eating peanuts! Once again Giant has won!

The next one I did were the Snyder's Pretzel's VS Giant Brand Pretzels. Hands down Giant won! My daughter ate 2 pretzels and that is all it took to convince her. Her reasoning behind her choice (and mine) was that the Snyder's brand was a little too soft and too dry. The Giant Brand tasted like a real pretzel. She then took the entire bag away from me and claimed it as hers! LOL! My son (who loves loves loves pretzels by the way) also agreed with her. I left those 2 to argue over who gets to eat the Giant Brand bag of pretzels. 

Last but not least, I did Coppertone VS CareOne Sunscreen. I took the kids to the park on Sunday and on half of their body I sprayed Coppertone and on the other half I sprayed CareOne. They both worked exactly the same! One wasn't better than the other. Save a few extra bucks and get CareOne. You are getting the same quality as the name brand. :-)

Ok so here comes the fun part! I challenge you guys to do the same! You can win a $25 gift card from Giant! Just enter below!

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