June 27, 2014

Giant supermarket gas points program changes starting Sunday!

Article Courtesy of  Lynn Olanoff | The Express-Times

Giant Foods' gas discount point rules are about to change.
Effective Sunday, points will expire at the end of the month after they were earned instead of the current six-to-seven times a year, according to a report on PennLive.com.
For example, points earned anytime in July will expire at the end of August. Also starting Sunday, the maximum number of gallons for a discounted fillup drops from 30 to 25, the report says.
Giant spokesman Christopher Brand told PennLive.com that the program was tested at Giant stores in the Philadelphia area and reaction was positive. He said customers liked the convenience of not having that single date six or seven times a year when points had to be redeemed or lost.
"People don't like sitting in long lines to redeem points," he says in the report. Under the new system of rolling monthly deadlines, that situation should be eased.
The current gas points deadline is Saturday. Expect long lines at the store's pumps today and Saturday.
I am happy with this change! Extremely happy! This means that I don't have to wait in those long lines anymore! Thank You Giant!

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