July 19, 2014

"Buy Theirs, Get Ours Free Challenge" Giveaway!-Win a $25 Giant Food Stores Gift Card!

"Buy Theirs, Get Ours Free Challenge" Giveaway!-Win a $25 Giant Food Stores Gift Card!

GIANT is encouraging customers who haven’t yet tried their Own Brands to put them to the test in a new promotion. For two weeks in early July and then again for two weeks in late July/early August, customers who purchase selected national brand products (which will be highlighted in-store and in the weekly circular), will receive GIANT’s Own Brands equivalent products for free in the Buy Theirs, Get Ours Free Challenge. Items included in this promotion are select snacks, health care items and other summertime picnic essentials.

All GIANT’s Own Brands products are subject to a testing program, which includes customer feedback, to ensure that the grocer is consistently delivering on quality, taste and value. Based on this testing, hundreds of Own Brands products have been reformulated in the past couple of years to improve upon taste and quality, while still offering affordable prices.

During this challenge I was be provided a $25 gift card to giveaway to one of my lucky readers to buy GIANT’s Own Brand products and take the challenge for yourselves! Here goes a picture of the items they sent me of the challenge that I reviewed! At the end of this review, you will have your chance to enter to win a $25 Giant Food Stores Gift Card! This time around it will be a little different. You will HAVE to comment and say what you will buy and how you will do a review....but here's the kicker. It has to be creative! During my last challenge I was trying to record my kiddos BUT that did not pan out. So I took pictures instead. Tell me how you would do a creative review? Be crazy and fun and comment!

So my first review is Cheez-It vs Giant Brand.

I brought these into work and had my coworkers try them. The first coworker preferred Cheez-It. She said it had more salt and she knew it was unhealthy lol. The second said she couldn't tell the difference and kept taking both. The third said that the Giant brand had less grease and tasted better than Cheez-It. After she was finished eating them, she brought the tissue over to me and showed me that the side that had Cheez-It had a lot more grease residue on it than the Giant Brand. My opinion on the two is that I prefer Giant Brand. I always loved Cheez-It but after tasting the difference in the two and noticing that Giant has less grease and is a lot more dry and tastes more like a cracker and Cheez-It tastes more like it was fried rather than baked, I will be making the switch to Giant! 

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish vs Giant Cheddar Penguins

So for this one I had my son cover his eyes and eat one of each. He could not tell the difference. I then let my daughter taste and she preferred the Giant brand. She took the bag over to my Mom's house and I had the Pepperidge Farm bag and had her try it. She did not try the Giant Brand until later on in the day and she texted me a picture of the bag and a message that read "Oh my god I love this!! They are the best!!!!". I had an instant smile on my face and let out a chuckle. I didn't even get to try to Giant Brand because my daughter and my mother ate the entire bag in one sitting (it took about 10 minutes for the bag to be gone) lol. My daughter and my mother both stated that the Giant brand had more cracker in it than the Pepperidge Farm brand. It also was a lot more dry like a cracker is supposed to be. Another thing I noticed was that the Giant Brand is 120 calories per serving while the Pepperidge Farm brand is 140 calories. Pepperidge Farm should take lessons from Giant when it comes to making their product!

Kleenex vs Giant Brand

I didn't share this challenge with anyone else but myself. I'm a stickler when it comes to tissues so it seems only right that I do this one solo. For this one I took a few tissues out of each and put them in a ziploc bag. I had my daughter label each bag. One bag was labeled "A", and the other was labeled "B". She also labeled the boxes to match the bags without my knowledge. After the bags were empty then it was revealed to me which was which. I write down a few notes of each on paper before it was revealed to me. 

  • was a little rough
  • broke easily
  • didn't absorb as good

  • tough
  • was a little rough
  • good clean up

So the reveal left me completely surprised. "A" was the Kleenex brand which I always use! And "B" was the Giant Brand. Kleenex broke easily when wet, the Giant Brand did not. These two brands however have some kinks to work out. 

Kraft Velveeta vs Giant Brand

The plate on the left is Kraft Velveeta and the right is the Giant Brand. I have to go with Kraft Velveeta on this one. It has more of the real cheese taste. The Giant Brand didn't have much taste to it. It was more bland. I mean it wasn't bad, I'd eat it again, but I do think they should make it cheesier like Kraft. 

Kellogg's Corn Flakes vs Giant Corn Flakes

These cereal boxes went quick! My kiddos love this cereal! Especially with fruit in it! These two are exactly the same. We couldn't tell the difference. Good job Giant! The ONLY thing I didn't like was the calorie count. Kellogg's is 100 calories per serving and Giant's Brand is 130 calories per serving. That is my only complaint. 

Those were all of the reviews for the items that Giant provided for me this time around. I'd like to give a huge Thanks to Giant Food Stores for allowing me to participate in this challenge and for giving me all of these items plus a $20 Gift card for me to keep and a $25 Gift card for me to give away to one of my lucky readers! Enter below! Now remember You will HAVE to comment and say what you will buy and how you will do a review....but here's the kicker. It has to be creative! Tell me how you would do a creative review? Be crazy, fun and comment!


  1. Apple Juice... my kids are camels.
    Toilet Paper... I have Crohn's so I go through tp like its going out of style.
    Orange Juice. . . some places are too watery. Lets see what this one taste like!
    Mac & cheese... sometimes this is the only thing I can get my children to eat.
    Pasta Sauce. . . some brands taste horrible! So I would like to see what Giant has to offer.
    triscuits. . . I love them. Plain and simple.
    Ice cream bars. Hello its summer!!! I want to taste some chocolate and vanilla ice cream.
    Lotion, lets see what there brand feels like compared to what I use. Is it oily?

    1. Love your one liners! Sorry to hear you have Crohn's but glad to see you have a sense of humor! :-)

  2. I'd buy: pretzels since I am basically a pretzel addict, their brand of goldfish since my son lives seems to live off that stuff which makes sense since he loves to swim swim swim, their tissues since I am always looking for a great generic brand since we go through them so fast in my house and their sunscreen since it's summer which means lots of sun.

    1. Awesome! You can't go wrong with those choices! And they do have coupons for their Care One brand sunscreen in their Calendars! The calendars are located in the pharmacy department. :-)

  3. Hmm...coffee n cola, with 3 kids (the hubby) n a crazy hyper dog, caffeine is a must to get me through the day. Baby wipes, for the hubby that is, so he can stop taking the babies wipes. Feminine care cause my girls go through it like i grow it outside. Giant bakery twist glazed doughnuts, just cause i loove them...hehe!!!!��

  4. I would review cookies and have a dunk comparison.


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