July 10, 2014

Couponing Tips: Ways to Organize Coupons

Coupon clipping certainly has its perks and sometimes it does not (paper cuts are the worst!). But carrying around your coupons, let alone keeping them organized at home, can sometimes get a little messy. To put a stop to your coupon clutter, consider one of these methods for organizing your coupons for an easy, on-the-go savings. I personally use the Binder method. It's easy for me to find what I need in a quick and easy way. I have them categorized and numbered. Here are 5 methods that may be useful for you to keep in mind if you are picking up couponing!

Repurposed Clutch

  • Start with a small clutch, and use recipe dividers to create sections. We recommend organizing the dividers based on the layout of your grocery store. That way, you can easily set your stylish organizer in the upper basket of your shopping cart as you go from aisle to aisle matching items to coupons. Then, just pop it back in your purse or shopping tote for next time.

Mini Expandable File Folder

  • Found in the office supply aisle of most major retailers, the accordion-like design of expandable file folders creates pockets for easy sorting. If you’re not the type to map out your supermarket, it’s simple to organize by general departments like produce, meat and bread. And for folders absent of tabs, use sticky notes to make simple section labels.


  • Binders can range from basic 3-ring organizers to full-on suites for pens, pencils, calculators and more. Choose a size based on your commitment to coupon clipping, then store coupons and shopping lists in clear page protectors. Create sections with page dividers. If you like to know exactly how much you’ll save at the register, a binder with all the bells and whistles will offer space for the tools you’ll need to tally up your bill and keep track of your savings.

Basket or Crate

  • Create a coupon clipping station by placing a basket or crate next to the area where you set your mail. Simply fill your container with file folders, spruce them up with a design of your liking and use each folder to categorize coupons by store. For added convenience, keep a pair of scissors in your container for clipping coupons as they arrive.

Menu Organizer

  • Create a take-out menu organizer using a small notebook, then turn it into a two-in-one tool by using your organizer pockets to slip in coupons for each restaurant. You’ll be prepared during your next order and won’t have to pay full price. You can use this same organizer idea for grocery store coupons, too. It’s just the right size to fit in the glove box.
How do you organize your coupons at home? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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