August 22, 2014

Easy DIY Halloween Costume: Ice Cream Cone With Cherry on Top

Halloween is right around the corner! Who's excited? I am! Halloween brings out the Martha Stewart in me and Halloween means that Thanksgiving and Christmas is getting closer! I opened my email and saw some DIY Costumes and some other ideas from the DIY Network!

Ice Cream Cone With Cherry on Top

The scoop of ice cream is made with paper mache and the cone is a laundry basket covered in brown kraft paper. Colorful Ping-Pong balls are sprinkled all over, and a red knit hat with a green pipe cleaner make the cherry on top.

Tools and Materials:

To make an ice cream cone costume, you’ll need: 
  • a tall perforated laundry basket/hamper with a tapered bottom
  • Elmer’s white Glue-All
  • Ping-Pong balls in assorted colors
  • 1 roll of tulle in pink or other soft colors
  • newspapers
  • 3 to 4 brown paper bags or Kraft paper
  • a red knit hat
  • 1 green pipe cleaner
  • white acrylic paint or spray paint
  • 1 roll of Kraft paper
  • string (optional)
  • 1 packet basket-type coffee filters
  • scissors
  • a permanent marker
  • paintbrushes
  • a utility knife
  • pliers
  • a large inflatable beach ball or Pilates ball
  • plastic wrap
  • a white paper steamer (optional).

Prep the Cone:

Cut off the bottom off the laundry basket.

Prep the Ball and Paper Mache:

  1. Cut newspaper and brown bags into 4” x 4” or 4” x 6” strips
  2. Cutting the paper into strips is a little time consuming, but it speeds up the process and the results are better
  3. Use two different colors or types of paper to make it easier to identity the different layers
  4. Wrap a beach ball in plastic wrap
  5. This will protect the ball by keeping the paste off it and helps in sliding the mold off when dry
  6. Two to three layers of plastic wrap should be sufficient
  7. Place ball over the basket
  8. Use magic marker to draw a circle around the ball at the point where it meets the basket; this will define the area to cover.

Mix Glue and Start Applying Paper:

  1. For the paper mache paste, pour the glue in a large bowl and mix in water with a 4:1 glue-to-water ratio
  2. Stir well with wooden spoon or brush until the paste is smooth and of good consistency
  3. Start with either the newspaper or brown paper strips
  4. Brush both sides of paper with a thin layer of glue and paste it on ball.

Keep Layering:

When you’re done with the first layer, switch to the other kind of paper. We alternated between newspaper and brown paper bags.

The Last Layer:

Continue until you have covered the top half of ball in six layers of paper. For the last layer, use coffee filters instead of paper.

Remove the Ball Mold and Paint on Flavor:

  1. Let the paper mache dry overnight
  2. To remove it from the ball, either deflate the ball or make small cuts to the paper mache base and gently pull the mold up and over the ball
  3. Make sure the glue is dry then paint the mold white (or whatever flavor you prefer)
  4. Let dry for about an hour or as per instructions on paint container.

Determine Size of the Neck Hole:

Use a string to measure head size of person wearing the costume. Add two inches for comfort. Place string on the ice cream mold and mark the outline with a marker.

Cut Open the Hole:

Use utility knife to carefully cut an X in the center of the head outline and gently pull to open it up.

Cut Out Hole:

Use scissors or a utility knife to cut around the outline.

Cut Out the Armholes:

Repeat this process for both armholes.

Prep and Wrap the Cone:

Make shoulder straps by looping string into two opposing grooves of basket. Wrap the basket with kraft paper using the drum of the basket as guide to ensure a cone shape. Secure with tape, cutting and tucking in extra paper as needed.

Add Sprinkles:

Place the ice cream scoop over the cone. Use hot glue to attach Ping-Pong balls to the ice cream mold. Start with one color of Ping-Pong balls to ensure all colors are evenly spread out.

Finish Sprinkles:

Add additional color sprinkles.

Cover the Bottom of the Scoop:

Attach tulle around the base of the ice cream cone going around at least twice.

Put a Cherry on Top:

Push a green pipe cleaner through the top of red knit hat to make the cherry. We paired the ice cream cone with a long-sleeved white ruffle shirt and some brown leggings and boots.

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