September 11, 2014

We Will Never Forget

I remember this day as if it were yesterday. I was in English class and it was my senior year in high school. My daughter had been born a few weeks before that. My best friend whom is now my husband and his friend were supposed to go to a job interview that day at the world trade center. They never made it to the interview, they overslept and when they woke up, they were seeing what was happening on TV. If he had gone, my son's life would not have been created and I would not be spending the rest of my life with my best friend. Thousands of family members and friends of the lives lost witnessed this tragedy unfold before their eyes. It pains me to know this. I'm grateful that my uncle was not working there at the time and was home.
We, as a country go through this together. We cry, and hurt together. We rebuild together. We will never forget. Together we remain strong
I, as the rest of the country, are thankful for the troops who fought and are still fighting for this. I would like to give a special Thank you to my uncle and cousins who served and some that continue to serve to protect this country. I salute each and every one of the military members. I send hugs and prayers to the families and friends of those that passed.

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