October 30, 2014

Earn spins from Receipt Hog!

This just in from the Receipt Hog Facebook Page!

Hog's appetite just got a LOT bigger!
Starting today, we'll send you to the Hog Slots for every receipt from a major retailer in the following categories:

  • Department Stores
  • Clothing & Apparel
  • Home Furnishings & Home Improvement
  • Electronics
  • Office Supplies

That's a spin for each receipt from stores such as Macy's, JCPenney, Kohl's, Sears, Best Buy. GameStop, AT&T U-verse, RadioShack, Bed Bath & Beyond, The Home Depot, Staples, Office Depot and more!

List of things Hog wants you to know:

  • Upgrade to the newest Receipt Hog version to start earning your spins for these types of receipts!
  • Submit your Major Retailer receipts within 14 days (but the sooner the better!)
  • We'll accept up to 20 Major Retailer receipts, in addition to your 20 grocery receipts, in a rolling 7 day period
  • If you are using an iPhone, you may be seeing your old processed receipts labelled as "non-qualifying". Not to worry, simply log out and log back in and you'll be all set!
  • You will only earn spins, not coins.

Get snappin' Receipt Hoggers!
Oink Oink,
The Receipt Hog team

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