November 20, 2014

$1.29 Flat Holiday Cards + FREE Stamps at Cardstore!

$1.29 Flat Holiday Cards + FREE Stamp When We Mail For You at Cardstore! Use Code: DDCCN4120 Thanksgiving is 1 week away, which means BIG holiday savings at Cardstore! Now is the perfect time to kick back with a cup of hot cocoa, eat some holiday treats, and enjoy all the great deals online. Cardstore provides an amazingly simple, fun way to create my holiday cards. The best part is they'll mail my cards for me for FREE so I don't have to leave the house for stamps or deal with the crazy post office. Use coupon code DDCCN4120 for $1.29 Flat Holiday Cards at Cardstore (excluding postcards). The selection of cards is awesome! Select from Christmas, Kwanzaa, Season's Greetings, or even New Year's Cards. Personalized cards only take minutes to create, so start shopping for your holiday cards now and save! AND, if your order is over $30, you can get them shipped back to you for FREE!

In this blog, I encourage you to talk about any family holiday traditions, or just reflect on the past year and all of the memories that were made and can be shared in your Holiday cards. Growing up my family's Christmas tradition was always fun. We'd always gather around on Christmas Eve and get ready to go to Midnight Mass at church. We;d watch the story of birth of Christ. My brother and I came out in the play for a few years. After we got home, we'd all fall asleep and wake up Christmas Morning ready to open out gifts. The tradition has changed since now my brother and I have our own little family. We head over to our parents' house and have a Christmas Eve dinner and exchange gifts. At the end of the night we head home and we bake cookies for Santa and then the kids get ready for bed. My teenager helps out and keeps the believing alive for my son. We open the gifts at midnight and the kiddos stay up a while longer. On Christmas Day, we wake up a little late and get ready to head to the movie theater to watch the movie that has come out on that day. I always say that you can carry on your tradition from when you were younger or create a new tradition.  Please share your favorite Chirstmas story and include the hashtag #MyChristmasStory on Twitter!

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