November 4, 2014

Join Pampers Rewards program and receive 100 free points!

I loved using Pampers Rewards. I was using this for my son and daughter (my son is 6 and my daughter is 13), You would not believe how many rewards I had (and still have) that helped me get free things! Join Pampers Rewards program and receive 100 free points toward your purchase of Pampers goods. Save money with exclusive coupons and receive a weekly, customized email, tailored to each stage of your pregnancy or your baby's development.

This month's Pampers Rewards coupon is 75¢ off Dawn (for Pampers Rewards members only). If you are not a member, you can join Pampers Rewards for free here--> Join Pampers Rewards

Here is the link to the coupons after you have joined:

Don't forget about that there is also an additional $0.25 off coupon available at 

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