November 7, 2014

Toys R Us to open at 5PM on Thanksgiving!

Toys R Us announced its Black Friday plans this morning in a press release, detailing store hours and various “Black Friday Made Easy” initiatives.

Doors open at 5pm on Thursday

Most locations nationwide will be open 5pm-11pm on Thanksgiving, with doors opening again at 5am on Black Friday morning. Check out to find the exact hours for your local store.

Digital Store Maps

For the first time, Toys R Us will offer digital store maps to help shoppers find exactly the toy they are looking for. Stop at the store layout sign at the entrance and scan the QR code to access a searchable digital map of the store that will tell you in which aisle your toy is located – including Black Friday doorbusters. They'll also have physical maps available. Walmart and Target have offered similar digital store maps for the last few years.

Speedy Checkout Lanes

Maybe our favorite innovation from Toys R Us is their plan for handling high volume and making the checkout lane less of a hassle. Shoppers with only 1 or 2 items will have their own dedicated express lane. For those with just a few more than that, employees can pre-scan their carts and give them a barcode to hand to the cashier for a quicker checkout experience.

Free Layaway In-Store and Online

The $5 layaway fee has been waived both online and in-store. Payments can be made online or in-store as well, and you can choose to have your purchases delivered to your home once they’re paid off.

You can read the full press release from Toys R Us here.

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