December 9, 2014

10 DIY Wine Cork Projects!

I am a big DIY'er and I've always wanted a wine cork backsplash BUT I've been told it was tacky. I stand by my future project and it will get done one day! :-) Here are 10  DIY Wine Cork Projects for you to try! You can score some free wine corks from establishments or you can always order them in bulk here on Amazon. My preference would be to get them free at some bars or restaurants. It gives it a more rustic and vintage feel with the wine stains.

1. Stamp

This is great for personalized thank-you cards, placemats or homemade gift wrap. I love this heart-shaped cork stamp from Morning Creativity (click here for tutorial). All you need for this project is an X-ACTO knife, a pen or pencil and an inkpad.

2. Fridge Magnet

Turn wine corks into magnet holders with a pocket knife or a drill and some hot glue.

3. Trivet

Simply glue same-size corks together until you have a circular shape. Tip: For this project, use superglue instead of hot glue to secure your corks. That way, the glue won’t melt under the heat of your next batch of slow-cooked Swedish meatballs!

4. Keychain

To make this project, just take the ring from an old keychain and use it for a new one. The simplistic look of a solo cork for a set of keys just can't be beat. If your summer involves trips to the pool or
lake, you'll never have to worry about dropping your keys in the water and losing them – they will float!

5. Bathmat

If you have a hefty supply of wine corks, this cork bathmat DIY from CraftyNest is perfect for you. It requires around 175 wine corks, a hot glue gun, a pocketknife and cutting board. Tip: Use shelf liner for the bottom of your bathmat so that it won’t slip.

6. Mini Succulent Garden

These mini succulents are perfect for those who have trouble keeping potted plants alive. First, punch a hole in your cork with a screwdriver. Then, using a Swiss army knife, carve out a hole in each of your wine corks. Fill with a scoop of potting soil and some succulent clippings, and that’s it!

7. Coaster

Not only will a set of DIY wine cork coasters give your home an extra dash of personality, they’ll also protect your tabletops! Break these out during your next dinner party or wine and cheese night and soak in all the great compliments you’ll get for being so resourceful.

8. Jewelry Organizer

You may have noticed there’s no shortage of awesome, upcycled jewelry organizers on Pinterest. So start finding some pictures on Pinterest for this idea!

9. Place Card Holder

Make  easy cork place card holders. Tip: Make each name card unique with a little washi tape or some burlap ribbon.

10. Wall Art

You could buy a ready-made piece of art from a gallery, but it’s not nearly as fun as making your own wall art with wine corks! After all, you’ll get to brag about how crafty you are and you'll probably save a little bit of cash along the way. Need some inspiration? Just think of anything around the house that you've saved from vacation or look at old pics for some inspiration.

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