December 18, 2014

Bath & Body Works Share the Perfect Christmas Promotion

Hey guys! Bath & Body works has been super busy the past few days and this is why! They have been promoting the "Share the Perfect Christmas" and it has been awesome! Here are my hauls for the promotion that ended last night. You were able to get a free Thousand wishes item with any purchase. I decided to go for the cheapest items which were the hand sanitizers and the holders. They were priced at $0.50 and $1.75. This is valued at $170.50 and i paid a whopping $13.81! I did 11 separate transactions and they were separate emails although the cashiers were nice enough to let me know that even though it states that it is 1 per customer that they always allow their customers to come back in as long as they leave the store and come back in. I also got some coupons for $10 off of $30 or $20 off of $50! They expire on January 4th and can be used on their semi annual sale. Here are the online codes for those coupons. For $10 off of $30, the code is FA143260 and the $20 off $50 is FA144626. Below is are the terms and conditions and also dates of the next deal! Stay tuned!

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