December 7, 2014

ReceiptPal: Earn Points towards great rewards w/ receipts!

Have you heard of ReceiptPal? ReceiptPal lets you earn great rewards in a snap just for taking photos of your receipts. Submit a photo of a receipt or an e-receipt to ReceiptPal. You'll earn points that can be used towards great rewards like gift cards. Weekly sweepstakes give you a chance to win cash bonuses. Here is a a quick tutorial to get you started.

How many cards do I get each week? 
  • New users start out with five 100-point cards. We hand out up to two new 100-point cards every Monday.

In addition, every validated receipt gets you an entry into our Weekly Bonus Sweepstakes! If you complete all your cards before they are replenished, every validated receipt gets you double entries into the Sweepstakes. So keep snapping! :)
How long does it take for receipts to be processed? 
  • Our aim is to validate your receipts and reward your points in less than 24 hours. Sometimes, we experience large volumes, and we appreciate your patience as we catch up.

How do I upload e-receipts using ReceiptPal? 
  • When you make an online purchase, it’s likely that you’ll receive an e-receipt (a receipt that’s emailed to you). Sometimes when you make a purchase in a store, you can opt for an e-receipt. When you receive one, just forward it to The receipt must be sent from the email address you used to register your ReceiptPal account. (Documents forwarded from a different email address will not be associated with your account, so you won’t be able to see them – and you won’t earn rewards credits for them!) You can register additional email addresses under the “Registration Settings” page in the app (accessed by clicking the gear symbol on the lower right of the app screen).

Follow these steps when forwarding an email containing an e-receipt:

  1. Open the email
  2. Click the button to forward the email
  3. In the "To:" field, please enter this email address:
  4. Press "Send"
  5. Repeat as necessary for additional e-receipts
You do not need to put anything in the body of the email. We will recognize your email address and file the e-receipt with your other documents.
Note: e-receipts can be included in the body of an email. Sometimes retailers may send a receipt as an email attachment. Our system is set up to accept e-receipts in this format. You can treat both types of e-receipts the same way – simply forward to

How do I add to my contacts? 
  • When you tap a camera icon within ReceiptPal, there is an "e-receipts" button at the top right. Tapping that will take you to screen where you can register and to your contacts.

Are shipping confirmations considered valid e-receipts? 
  • No, shipping confirmations are not considered valid receipts. Please be sure you submit the actual email receipt that includes the merchant name, date of purchase and total amount spent.

How do I upload paper receipts using ReceiptPal? 
  1. Snap a photo of your receipt using one of the blue camera icons on the main screen of the app.   
  2. Press “Send it”
  3. That’s all, it’s that easy!
*ReceiptPal does not accept handwritten receipts.
How do I snap long paper receipts using ReceiptPal? 
  • For long receipts, we recommend you snap the receipt from a distance (maybe place the receipt on the floor or table) to get the entire receipt in one snap. We will be able to zoom in to verify the desired information. Please do not take multiple pictures of the receipt as we currently do not have the ability to stitch the images together.

What are the qualifications for a valid receipt?
  • Valid receipts must have been from purchases within 30 days of submission, and must contain retailer name, purchase date, price(s), either zip code or phone number, and total spent. Blurry images are not readable by our system and will not be considered valid receipts.

What kinds of receipts do you accept?
  • We accept receipts, in U.S. currency only, from merchants like restaurants, retail stores of all types (e.g. mass merchants, sporting goods stores, supermarkets,) online merchants, car dealerships.  We do not accept monthly bills like car payments, utility bills, doctor bills, mortgages or insurance.  Please be sure we can see the merchant name, date of purchase, total amount spent, and either zip code or phone number on the receipt. You can only submit a maximum of 3 receipts from the same merchant within a 2 hour purchase period.

Why should I use ReceiptPal? 
  • ReceiptPal lets you earn great rewards just for taking photos of your receipts.  Plus, all of your receipts are stored in one handy place, so you can keep track of your spending in a secure location.  Information on the receipts you provide are anonymized and aggregated with those of other ReceiptPal users to help brands make better product and marketing decisions.

Is ReceiptPal available for iPhone and Android? 
  • ReceiptPal is currently available both for iPhone in the Apple App Store and for Android on Google Play.

Is there a reward program?
Yes!  Submit a photo of a receipt or send an e-receipt to ReceiptPal. Once we validate* the receipt, you'll earn points that can be used toward great rewards like gift cards and entries into weekly sweepstakes.  The more receipts you snap, the more points you earn, so start snapping now!
Please note that registration is not necessary for use of the ReceiptPal Service, but only registered users are eligible to participate in NPD’s ReceiptPal rewards program (as described in the NPD ReceiptPal Rewards Program Official Rules).
*Valid receipts must have been from purchases within 30 days of submission, and must contain retailer name, purchase date, price(s), either zip code or phone number, and total spent. Blurry images are not readable by our system and will not be considered valid receipts.
Do my points expire?
  • Yes, points and any partially filled punch cards will be forfeited after a participant has not submitted any receipts for 90 days.

How are my receipts organized?
  • Press on the “Receipts” button on the bottom left of the main screen to view your receipts.  The receipts will be organized into three buckets: Processing, Invalid and Valid Receipts.  Valid receipts are automatically organized by Purchase date. Invalid and Processing receipts are organized by “snap” date.

How is my information protected?
  • When you download the ReceiptPal app, the software is installed on your phone. The receipts and other information you capture, however, are not retained on the phone. It’s all uploaded and stored on our virtual servers. Don’t worry – this is a safe, secure site. All communication between the ReceiptPal app and our servers uses a SSL-encrypted certificate to keep information safe.

To find out more about our commitment to your privacy, please click the “Privacy Policy” in the "Settings” of the app (click the gear on the lower right hand side of the app screen).
Will my saved receipts show up in my Camera Roll on my phone?
  • No, everything you capture using ReceiptPal is uploaded to our secure servers. It is not stored on your phone after you snap the photo.

Troubleshooting: What should I do if the app keeps crashing unexpectedly?
  • Sometimes mobile phone memory or device settings can cause issues with the ReceiptPal app. If you encounter issues please try the steps below or contact

  1. Make sure you are connected to your cellular network or WiFi.
  2. Re-start your phone by turning it off and then back on again.
  3. Delete the ReceiptPal app and re-download it.
  4. Make sure the standard camera app works normally on your mobile phone. If it doesn’t, check to see if any settings on your phone might be disabling the camera.
  5. If the above fail to resolve the issue, please contact us at

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