December 24, 2014

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I discovered this site called Glambot and I absolutely love it! I was never the one to wear makeup. I would wear makeup here and there for special occasions but then I got thinking....I'm 30, I should start! I started watching YouTube video tutorials on makeup for beginners and I was completely floored! Who knew that there was so much to putting on makeup?! There were different types of brushes, etc. Many of them had a preference of what brand they loved and it was a mix! So as you know, Google is your best friend (where was Google when I was growing up?) and came across Glambot! They have everything you need here! And some are items you can't find in stores that have been discontinued. And the prices are just awesome! They carry the best brands for great prices! From MAC to smashbox and NARS to Urban Decay. Head over to Glambot now and Shop Discount Makeup at - New Users Take 40% Off Their First Order! How awesome is that? You get 40% off on top of the great prices!

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