December 10, 2014

The Top 4 Holiday Nail Polishes

So as many of you know, Christmas is right around the corner and then next up is New Years! The holidays are the best time to show off those nails! I change my nail polish about every week. Right now I have on Revlon's Minted Nail polish and Wet n' Wild's Rose mauve cream. I have it coated with Wet n Wild's Club Cabaret to give it a nice winter/holiday look. Below I'm going to talk about the best holiday nail polish's out.

Givenchy Le Vernis Black
Glittering Nail Lacquer
The first would be ideal for New Year's Eve. It's Givenchy Le Vernis Black Glittering Nail Lacquer & Top Coat. This retails for about $20.00 & Up and can be found at Sephora's. Play with the possibilities with this top coat and nail lacquer. Enhance any nail color by painting on a layer to add discreet silver sparkles. Applied as a top coat, the Folie Scintillante shade leaves nails with a multicolored, pearly finish and that will sparkle under those lights.
China Blaze Salsa
The second would be China Blaze's Salsa Nail Polish. This is the perfect color for Christmas. Liven up the dress of your choice with this baby right here. This retails for about $7.50 at JC Penney. Spicy red nail polish is almost too hot to handle.
O.P.I.'s Rollin' in Cashmere
Next up is a creamy gold color! O.P.I.'s Rollin' in Cashmere is perfect to keep on through Christmas into the new year. This creamy gold would work great with any stylish holiday outfit! This retails for about $9.50 and can be found at Macy's
Nails Inc. London  'Snowflake'
Nail Polish (Limited Edition)
The next one is my absolute favorite! I love a little white sparkle but I absolutely love little white snowflakes even more! Nails Inc. Snowflake is perfect not only for the holiday season but for the winter season as well. This retails for $16.00 and can be found at Nordstrom or Saks Fifth Avenue. For the perfect Christmas manicure, this polish features tiny glitter and sequin particles to create the illusion of snowflakes on the nails. Wear over your favourite polish shade for subtle sparkle and shimmer. 

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