January 21, 2015

My GE Lighting Office Makeover!

Hey guys! So a few days ago I posted a GE Lighting Giveaway for a chance to win up to $200 worth of GE light bulbs. A lot of you have entered and you still have about a week and a half left to enter. To enter this giveaway, just head over here! Now let's get started. Lighting is very very important! I work in a counseling center at a University (Lehigh University to be exact) and lighting is crucial when seeing clients. You don't want a room that is lit up in yellow and that is dark. You want to come into a room where the lighting is clear, white, and soft. I made over 3 different offices to show you the importance of lighting and trust me you all are going to head out and start buying GE bulbs if you aren't already! No other light bulb is allowed in my home! These office all had Office Depot brand bulbs that were "energy efficient" and were 60W. Below you'll find the types of bulbs I used in the offices.

The first office I did, I used the GE LED Soft White 60W bulb. It's an A-shaped bulbed and lasts 13.7 years! Estimated energy cost is $1.26 per year. Take a look at the Before and After below.

Can you guys tell the difference? It's pretty obvious don't you think? If i were a client coming in to my scheduled appointment, I'd hate to sit in a yellow room. On the second office I used the GE Reveal 43W bulb. It provides nearly the same light output as a 60W bulb. Your estimated savings per year are $5.18! Check out that before and after below.

Again you can tell which is better. Yellow is a no go! It's not needed or wanted! Bring in the GE bulbs please! For the third and final office, I used the GE Soft White bulb. These also save you an estimated cost of $5.18 per year and it works as a 60W bulb but it's a 43W bulb. How awesome is that? Now check out the final office before and after below.

The yellow just doesn't go away! If this doesn't convince you that GE bulbs are the best out there (and they're energy efficient) then I don't know what will. This is pretty obvious as to which bulb won. There are steps to choosing the right light bulb. I've included the steps below but you can see more on my previous post (click here) and while you're there, make sure you enter my giveaway!
Step 1 - Choose the Right Fit
Step 2 - Choose the Right Brightness
Step 3 - Select Energy Savings & Lifetime
Step 4 – Choose the Right Color & Effect

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