February 16, 2015

4 ways to Organize that clutter!

This past Saturday, I spent the day reorganizing my room. I had stuff on top of stuff and I just got tired of tripping on it. The floor and I had a great relationship but it was time to cut ties. I bought some clear totes to pack stuff away so that it's easier to see what was in them. I have a big house but no storage areas. I have an open garage under my house (the perks of living at the bottom of a hill next to a river that floods when it rains) and I don't have much closet space so I have to be pretty creative. After a few hours of organizing and rearranging things to make my room appear bigger, I started to think about how to organize everything else in the house and I wanted to give you guys some tips!

Everyone has a junk drawer right? (Mine would be the one next to the fridge)

Organize that junk drawer!
  • Dump the drawer out and decide what stays and what goes. Toss out obvious trash and sort for duplicate items like an extra pair of scissors, pens, pencils, and put in a ziplock bag or a mini storage bin (as pictured below) and label it. If you have any paper clips, safety pins or nails, you can use a ice cube tray or an egg carton and separate them. Be sure to leave an open compartment for random items with nowhere else to go. Corral your cords. Neatly loop each cord and insert it inside a toilet paper tube. Then be sure to label each tube to cut down on the confusion and make it easier to find your iPhone charger at a moment's notice. Separate your papers. Clip each type of paper (receipts, takeout menus, bills, etc.) together with a paperclip or clothespin. When you have a chance use business cards to populate your address book, then toss.
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Organize Your Desk
  • Work from one side to the other. Put your to-do pile on one side of your desk and place completed items, such as paid bills, etc, on the other. That way, when you get up you can take the finished work and drop it off where it needs to go or shred it if need be. Make a “waiting on” pile. Need a reply from someone before you can move an item off your desk? Keep those in a separate pile; try putting documents in a clear folder so they stay stacked and you can see at a glance what's inside. File it and label it. Put other, less-important papers such as old bank statements and tax documents in folders, then store them in standing file cabinets. (pictured below) Take advantage of wall space. To free up precious desk space, move papers that you want to keep handy—but that aren’t essential right now—to wall folders. (pictured below)
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Organize Your Dresser Drawers  
  • Get your dresser in order so you can grab what you need in an instant. I must admit, I still have to do this and I am already dreading it. It takes me an extra 5 minutes to find what I need to find in my drawer. Reduce the contents of the drawer. Toss out any socks that don't have a match or are faded or stretched out, as well as ones that have a hole that is too big to repair. (why does my dryer eat up my socks?) Install a drawer organizer. Pick up a multi-compartment organizer, I like the ones from ContainerStore.com (pictured below). Pop paired socks into each of the sections to keep things tidy. The same technique can work wonders to keep your lingerie sets matched as well. 

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Organize Your Shower 
  • My bathroom seems to have about 6 different shampoos, conditioners and body washes..........All thanks to my teenager! Streamline your daily routine for greater serenity.Take inventory. Try to limit products to one body wash, one shampoo and one conditioner for you and your household. Store items you don’t use daily under the sink or in a linen closet. Get a caddy. Use a shower organizer  to store items you use every day.
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Keep on top of thing to stay organized. Make a daily or weekly list for yourself.

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