February 4, 2015

R.I.P., RadioShack

Photo courtesy of RADIOSHACK. A post-demolition store in RadioShack's Super Bowl commercial. 
It seems for the past few years RadioShack has been struggling to stay afloat against big companies like Best Buy, and Mobile Service competitors.RadioShack has joined Circuit City (remember them), and Hollywood Video (I sure miss them), and we can't forget about Blockbuster. It's sad to see these companies go downhill but rumor has it that the company's being bought and that Sprint will be buying many to turn into retail stores to compete with AT&T and Verizon, or that Amazon may purchase them to turn them into showrooms for their technology products. The reason for RadioShack’s demise has been well documented and has been pretty obvious. Have you seen how bad their Black Friday ad was? Between competitors like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and hhgregg, a small retail store that sells just some of the electronics products you want and love with prices you dislike isn't something anybody really needs, and the likes for remote control cars and speaker cables has been in steady decline. This has been obvious as well because we no longer have the need to put speaker cables in our car when the newer cars already come with it. As far as the remote control cars, those can be bought at Toys R Us now. And when you walk into a Radioshack store, you notice that they only carry 1 of each item they have in their store. They also haven't been keeping up with the new age technology. While it's 2015, when you see at the stuff they have, it seems like they are still in 2012. Overall we are all sad to see this store gone. In the weeks ahead you can prepare to see prices drop but remember that once you purchase something, all sales are final. Happy shopping and R.I.P RadioShack.....It's been a pleasure.

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