April 2, 2015

Night at the Museum Movie Night!

Good Morning guys! On Monday night the kids and I had a movie night! We usually have movie nights on Fridays but we received Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb and we wanted to see it at that moment!

The movie was a little over 2 hours but you couldn't even tell because we were laughing and enjoying the movie from beginning to end!

The kids had their eyes glued to the TV! I didn't take much pictures since I myself wanted to watch the movie but the ones I did take were great! Kirkland's signature popcorn was also yummy! We kept refilling our popcorn bags. My son kept getting up to refill his bag. As you can see in the picture below.

Overall the movie was awesome! It was really good to see Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt one last time. Robin Williams is one of our favorite actors and to us it was a bit of closure to see him get to finish making one of the movies he absolutely loved to make. Thank you VocalPoint for this amazing experience. This was a much needed movie night with my kids. We enjoyed it very much! (Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. Read disclosure policy here)

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