May 6, 2015

It's a brand new Receipt Hog!

Photo Credit: Receipt Hog

Have you heard that Receipt Hog has changed? It's a bigger and better Receipt Hog!

Today they launched a whole new system for rewarding bonuses when you submit receipts! Instead of Hog Wild, there are now two new ways to earn extra spins: Levels & Monthly Challenges. The new system rewards you with bigger and bigger bonuses as you continue to snap pictures of your receipts. (Plus, it's a whole lot more forgiving if you miss a week.) More than 90% of all Receipt Hoggers will earn more bonus spins than ever before. Upgrade to the latest version of Receipt Hog to enjoy these new bonus features!

Photo Credit: Receipt Hog

Each week you submit a receipt puts you one step closer to the next level - you’ll earn bigger and bigger Hog Slot spin bonuses as you level up! We want to reward you for being a dedicated Receipt Hogger.

Photo Credit: Receipt Hog

Monthly Challenges
Each month, you can earn even more spins just by feeding your Hog receipts weekly. Submit receipts all 4 weeks out of the month to earn the largest spin bonus! Plus, as you level up, your monthly challenge bonuses are worth more. Cha-ching!

You may be asking...

What happened to Hog Wild?
It's being replaced by two new ways to fill up your piggy bank: Levels and Monthly Challenges. With Hog Wild, it took 5 weeks to start receiving a bonus if you skipped just one week. Also, the bonus always stayed the same.  This system is a lot more forgiving if you don't submit one week, and rewards you more and more as you submit more receipts!

I've been using the app for a long time – does this mean I have to start over?
Heck no! Every week you've submitted a receipt in the past automatically bumps you up to the proper level right at the start! So depending on how long you've been earning with Receipt Hog, you might start at Level 3, or Level 5, or even level 19 for our O.G. Receipt Hoggers!

If I miss a week, or a month... do I go down a level?
You can never move down levels, only stay at your current level or move up.

Photo Credit: Receipt Hog

What are the rewards for each level?
Just tap on the Level icon on the top left corner of your home screen to see the rewards you get for reaching each level. Read more about levels here.

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