June 11, 2015

Giant/Martin's New Savory Fast, Fresh and Easy Magazine is Coming and It's Amazing!

I received a package yesterday and to my surprise, a magazine was enclosed with a pen and a notepad attached to a fridge magnet.

Being a family of four, we coupon for everything and we try to stay healthy. I admit I fell off the wagon and I'm climbing back on. I feel as if sometimes that wagon is dragging me but I refuse to let it go. It's kind of tough to look for recipes that are healthy for me to cook for my family. And frankly being a family on a budget, I don't want to buy a magazine looking for some. Right there you're spending about $3.00 that you could have put towards your groceries.

Giant Food Stores and Martin's Food Markets understands me (and so many of their customers) that struggle to fit fresh and healthy meals into our families' lives with our busy schedules. I work full time, run two blogs, go to college part time, have two amazing children, and a husband that goes above and beyond to help with the laundry and cleaning around the house.

Giant/Martin's values their customers so much that they came up with an awesome idea. They launched a magazine named Savory Fast, Fresh and Easy. It's a magazine that delivers easy and healthy recipes that helps us save money and save time! I'm all for saving money. After all I'm not called Frugalicious Marie for nothing. The magazine will be available to the public on June 14th but I was lucky that Giant/Martin's sent me a preview copy.

I took a look inside and was quite impressed. I saw so many healthy, easy, fast recipes and I want to try each and every one! For all of my meal planners out there, This would definitely help you out. You might be asking how much are these magazines right? Well guess what? They are free! I love FREE! Another great thing about them is that they come with coupons in them! COUPONS!!!!

The introductory magazine is 120 pages, full color, and highlights grilling favorites and fresh summer meals made easy just in time for those summer bbq's and the big 4th of July picnic! Savory Fast, Fresh and Easy will feature regular inspirational features with budget friendly meals, recipes to cook once and eat twice, new twists on on flashback favorites, questions and answers with a nutritionist and a "Take 5" feature which offers five ingredients for a fast meal!

Items used in recipes are tied to store promotions so that is a huge plus for us. They'll be tagged in the store creating a "savory" customer journey that will make it easy for us to shop. This is terrific and the fact that they thought of something like this for their customers says a lot about their company.

These magazines will be available at all Giant and Martin's stores starting June 14th, 2015. You could find them as you walk in where the store ads are located. Also, at that time, you can access Savory Fast, Fresh and Easy, through giantfoodstores.com, martinfoods.com, or download the magazine app for your phone or tablet. The app will be available for Apple, Android, Kindle, and Windows devices.

To sum everything up, this magazine is amazing! You'll find store coupons and manufacturer coupons as well as recipes and some great tips. With that said, I'd like to thank Giant/Martin's for sending me these items and giving me a first look of what's to come. I've always shopped Giant and I will definitely keep shopping Giant. I'd also like to thank them for thinking of their customers when they created this wonderful and amazing magazine and for making it free so that it's available to everyone. There is no doubt that this magazine will be a total hit with every single family out there. Make sure you pick your copy up this Sunday!


  1. This sounds great! We have a martins where I live and primarily shop there my grocery store. I am excited to see the recipes and of course the coupons!!

    1. They even have vegetarian/vegan recipes! Love it!


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