June 2, 2015

My Journey on My 14 Day Skinny Teatox!

I have been wanted to start eating healthy again for the longest time. Two years ago I decided to start my diet and exercise after I saw a picture of myself with my best friends.

This picture was taken at our best friend's surprise baby shower. From left to right that is Ana, Myself (I can't believe I posted this on the web), Jessica (who was awaiting her prince), and Jen. This picture was taken on April 13th 2013. I became a vegetarian on May 1st 2013. It was so hard in the beginning. I worked my butt off to lose the weight and it took a little over a year for it to come off. This is how I looked at the end. Boy did I look good. Yes I was full of myself! I had accomplished something that I have been wanting to accomplish for the longest time!

I had lost 68 lbs when this picture was taken! I ended up losing a total of 72 pounds. I was so happy. But then the weight started coming back on once I started eating meat again. And then came the college work and then of course parenthood and work. All of that weight has come right back on and I am not proud. All of that hard work was for nothing. I knew I had to do something. I started looking into becoming a vegetarian again but I just couldn't do it again. My protein levels were too low before and I was and still am a picky eater so I just cut out red meat and beef. I only eat seafood and chicken.
I began to look up simple exercises that I can do and gradually build up on so I won't overwork my body since I tend to do that and right now I have some health issues that I need to be careful with. I came across my chance to try Skinny Teatox. I was thinking 'I have to try this'. This can jumpstart me and give me the cleanse I need! What really sold me what that all of the ingredients in Skinny Teatox are 100% natural. There are no chemicals or preservatives. Gluten free. GMO free. Nut free. To learn more about this amazing Skinny Teatox, head over to http://skinny-teatox.com/

I like to know what I put into my body and to know that that Skinny Teatox what 100% natural did it for me. This 14 day teatox helps you lose weight which I wanted to do so badly. It helps burn calories, boost your metabolism, cleanse, detoxify, suppress appetite, and increase your energy levels! We all need that extra boost of energy and we don't need to be eating the extra snacks that are around the office.

I ordered my Skinny Teatox and finally got it in the mail. Day 1 was great! I tried it and it was great. It tasted great. This teatox tea you drink for 14 days in the morning. I normally drink tea in the morning in the winter so this was okay for me to do. There's an evening tea that is included which you drink every other day in the evening of course. There is a warning on there that it will make you go to the bathroom because of course it is cleansing your body of all the fatty nasty stuff in there that your body DOES NOT NEED!

On Day 7 I noticed that I was eating less, eating better and had a lot more energy. I wasn't lethargic, I was actually active and doing stuff. I went to the park with the kids and my husband and actually played a full basketball game which I haven't done in years! I weighed myself and noticed I had dropped 5 pounds! Yes you read that correctly 5 pounds! I starting incorporating vegetables into our dinners again. Like this shrimp stir fry with white rice (I should have made brown rice but this is all I had in the house) picture below. It had green peppers, carrots, broccoli) which you can hardly see because at this point my son had eaten them all off the plate!

On Day 14, I didn't want it to be over. I wanted to keep drinking the Skinny Teatox. It was that good. It was a daily routine for me that had helped me get back on track again to becoming the person I once was, the person I was going to become again, the healthy and fit me. I weighed myself in the morning of May 31st 2015 with the hopes of maybe adding another 2 pounds to that. Nope, I had exceeded my expectations. I had lost a total of 11 pounds! 11 pounds in 2 weeks? Is this even possible? Yes it is! With this Skinny Teatox, your body is cleansing all of the unnatural stuff in your body. This is highly recommended and I just don't go recommending stuff to just anyone. It's time to get fit and this works to help you get started.

Of course just like any other fitness program, in order to see results, you need to put in work. You aren't going to lose weight just by drinking tea. You need to eat healthy and exercise and most importantly be happy!

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