June 17, 2015

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My kids' birthdays are coming up. Yes both of them. My oldest Destiny, will be 14 and my youngest Mikey, will be 7. Their birthdays are 2 days apart! Now you understand my frugality a little better. Mikey has Asperger's and for those that understand children and adult with Asperger's, you know that they have a certain thing that they become obsessed with. My son's obsession is Michael Jackson.

He loves every single song, knows every single dance and plays the Michael Jackson experience all the time! I have been looking everywhere for a Michael Jackson tee for him and finally found one on snaptee.com! Their shirts start at $9.98 and they have awesome designs for the entire family.

Priced at $19.99
This is on his birthday list and I'm definitely purchasing it for him. I know that he will not want to take this shirt off for a few days. You can save 15% off any regular priced item, use coupon code MAKECOOLTEE and you can also save $10.00 off orders equal or above $50.00, use coupon code MAKEYRSNAPTEE. 

I highly recommend heading over to their site and checking out their designs. So far I'm at 3 shirts in my cart for my kiddos. Happy shopping!

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