July 1, 2015

Back To School Shopping, Has It Begun? Target Has Some Great Items on Display Already!

Some stores have begun to put some of their back to school items out. I practically live at Target so as I walked into the store the other day, I casually walked to the back of the store just to check if they started putting stuff out. To my surprise there was stuff already out! I was excited. Nothing excites me more than seeing stationery products everywhere. It's a secret obsession that my daughter and I both share. My daughter starts high school in the fall and she is excited for the new journey. Not much is here as you can see but I did find some great stuff.

They have some stuff for teachers. We all know that teachers buy their own stuff to decorate their classrooms. I have a lot of friends that are teachers and they pay for the majority of their own supplies for their classrooms. So please think about buying or possibly donating some items to the teachers. They work hard and teach our children day in and day out. They have some Brain Quest workbooks which is used in the classrooms and some parents use them at home too! These are excellent books! My kids both love them and I firmly believe this has helped so much. Painless workbooks are another set of books that are great for kids to learn and I've also seen these in the classrooms. These would also make amazing gifts for the teachers.

They have the Expo markers out and the white boards with the erasers. Lots of teachers use these so consider picking these up as well for them. If you're a blogger or a planner, these can come in handy as well. I have a calendar white board which helps me remember when we have doctor appointments or any family activity we have planned for the weeks coming up. For my blogging, I use planners that you'll see later on in this post.

I cannot begin to describe how excited my daughter is to begin high school in the fall. She has already thought of a theme for her locker. I advised her that her locker is thin and not at all roomy. We came across some items that she fell in love with. She typically is not a fan of pink but she loved the items that are pictured below. The are all magnetic and will cling to the locker. The loved the mirror, the mesh cups for the pens and for the note cards. Her favorite was the magnetic wallpaper and the disco ball. She has to have the disco ball!

The 25¢ notebooks are back! I usually buy 2 boxes of these. I'll keep a few for the kids and send the rest to the teachers. The teachers can use them for some assignments that they give the students, they can use them as workbooks, or for their own notes. I use some for my budget notes, to make notes on stuff I'll write on the blog when I don't have a computer in front of me, or when I simply just need to jot down notes.

 I made my way over back to the planners. For many high school students, blogger, parents, and teachers, we need monthly planners. They help us with organization and keeping track of things and staying on schedule. They didn't have a huge selection out but the kinds that they did have out, were pretty, awesome, and cute!

I don't really like polka dots but I thought this was cute. This is a pink cover with a gold sheet underneath. The cover is plastic so it is durable. The calendar starts July 2015 and ends June 2016 and is priced at $7.99. It also comes in a glittery silver which is plastic. Don't worry the glitter does not come off. I know glitter can be a mess.

Below we have a white and gold planner and also a pink one with silver outlined hearts. I really liked these one however, the cover is a thick posterboard which over time will get a little flimsy and will show signs of wear and tear. The calendars starts July 2015 and ends June 2016 and are priced at $14.99.

This one has got to me my absolute favorite and I actually purchased it for both myself and my daughter. It has a fabric cover and has a zipper pocket on the cover to hold pencils, pens, or whatever your little heart desires to put in there. I loved the chevron pattern and the colors and my daughter loved the aztec pattern. The calendar starts July 2015 and ends June 2016 and they are priced at $14.99.

These planners are larger than the previous ones I've talked about. I love the pink and gold and the white and gold. The covers are plastic and are durable. These also start in July 2015 and end June 2016 and are priced at $9.99.

We all want to make a statement with our planners. We all have our individual style and these are perfect to show display it. High schoolers are always experimenting with style and finding themselves and these styles will definitely be a hit them. They're already a hit with my teenager. 

Bloggers, parents, and teachers as well want to make statements and you can tell a little about them by what they have. I love artsy things and the more artsy the planner, the higher the chance it'll end up in my shopping cart. Stay for more back to school posts and keep an eye out at your local Target stores for some great back to school items. It's never too early to start shopping!

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