July 13, 2015

Please Help Donate Books to Circle of Seasons Charter School in Fogelsville, PA!

I will start this post off by saying that books are very important to us. We value the important of reading, we value the bond that it creates whether it between a parent and a child, a child with another child, or an adult with another adult. Connections are made over the literature a person reads. It helps our brains function better and gives us a way to explore a different world. This is something that I will forever cherish with my own children. I have been running this blog for quite a few years and just recently started a book blog with my oldest. This cause is near and dear to our hearts and we greatly appreciate and help that you can give.

Yesterday I came across a Facebook post from Dr. Darin Mazepa. This was the context of his post:

"I became aware of a local school that recently closed and was about to go up for auction. I contacted the auctioneer and told him of a idea I had. I told him that I would like to bid on the entire library, the books, shelves, tables and chairs, card catalogs, even the circulation desk. My plan was to donate it to Circle of Seasons Charter School where Kai will be attending starting this year. He loves my idea and worked beautifully with me to make it happen.
I arrived at the school yesterday to inventory everything: Nearly 1000 books, 10 tables, 24 chairs, beautiful book shelves, 4 card catalogs. All set.
I get to the auction today all excited for what is about to happen. I get my number. I check in with the auctioneer. Everything is good.
I decide to go check on the library and show it off a bit. I walk in only to find that THERE ARE NO BOOKS!!!! The Kutztown School District held an event there and REMOVED ALL THE BOOKS after they had been photographed, inventoried and listed by the auctioneer. I have never felt the wind go out of my sails like that in my life. THIS WAS FOR THE KIDS!!! HOW COULD THEY DO THAT??? I had some terse words for the district Superintendent who was present, and she assured me that she was within her authority to do that. Even the auctioneer was very upset.

Now, here is the lemonade out of VERY ROTTEN lemons part. I still want to help give CoS a library. I am asking all of my local friends to look and see of you have just 5-10 kid's books (or more) lying around that you would be willing to donate to what has just become "my cause". If only a fraction of my local friends do this, the children will have the beginnings of a nice library in their school. I will reaching out to the parents of CoS kids and asking them as well.
I will be placing boxes on the porch at Vitality Natural Healthcare Center - Lehigh Valley, PA where you can place your books. I will make sure they get to the school. Let's make this happen friends. Please share this post on your wall to get the word out to as many people as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Dr. Darin Mazepa"

When I read this, It made me very upset. Every child deserves to have a library in their school. Reading is important and to be able to have access to books is important. What was done to this school, to Dr. Mazepa was very mean so I am asking all of my readers to please help. If you are local, donate some books to the drop off locations I have listed below. If you aren't local, please think about mailing some in or even possibly mailing some gift cards so that some can be purchased.

The books that are in need and that they are look for are for grades K through 6. Talk to your neighbors, your friends and your family. Ask them if they have some books that they're willing to part with. We've got ours all set to drop off! Join us in this cause! #CoSBooks #CoSLibrary

Books can be dropped off or shipped to:

Circle of Seasons Waldorf Methods Charter School
8380 Mohr Lane
Fogelsville, PA 18051


Vitality Natural Health Care Center
134 Main St.
Emmaus PA 18049


Healthy Alternatives
7150 Hamilton Blvd.
Trexlertown PA 18087

I wrote about this on my book blog which you can see by clicking on this link

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