July 10, 2015

Purgo Tea 28 Day Tea Detox-Save $4!

I few weeks ago I did a 14 day tea detox. It helped me lose some weight and most of all, it helped me get rid of all of the nasty, yucky stuff that was in my body. I would never push anything on you guys that I have never tried myself. So with that said, Read what I have listed below and see if this is for you (which in my opinion, it just might be if you've had fast food lately?). And I will admit that I was a huge skeptic before I did a tea detox BUT  NOT ANYMORE! I am a firm believer in that we should only be putting natural and organic things into our body. 

Purgo Tea's 28 Day Tea Detox is an all-natural, safe way to detoxify your body. It consists of two great tasting teas made from powerful blends of organic tea and natural herbs. These will help you burn fat, feel more energized, and reduce bloating. All you have to do is follow our 4 Step Plan:
  1. Drink Morning Detox Tea every morning before breakfast
  2. Eat nutritious food through the day (no fasting involved)
  3. Be active - 30 minutes of activity/exercise daily
  4. Drink Evening Cleanse Tea every other evening

I guarantee you that you will love this! It will make you feel brand new and it will help you eat better and think of what you put into your body. In those 14 days, I did a tea detox, I noticed how much energy I had, how my stomach didn't hurt from what I ate, and how amazing my body felt. Not to mention I lost 11 pounds in those 2 weeks. My only regret is that I didn't try this for 28 days which is why I'm giving you all the chance to try it for 28 days with this amazing coupon! So hurry and order yours today! Remember to use the coupon code frugalicious4 to get $4 off! And let's also remember that the prices you see on the site are Canadian dollars so with this code, you'll get the 28 Day Detox for only $35!!!!!

Below we have a picture of the morning tea. It looks absolutely amazing! Bright colors, smells amazing and amazing taste! You'll drink this every morning before breakfast. I would drink mine half an hour before breakfast. 

Below we have a picture of the evening tea. Again you'll see the amazing colors, great taste and the great smell. You'll drink this every other evening. You'll want to avoid eating unhealthy foods during this cleanse. After all, the reason for this cleanse is to get rid of all of the unhealthy foods from your body. 

It is important to exercise if you want results. Be active for at least 30 minutes every single day you are on this tea detox and try to continue this routine after you're finished with your detox. I would walk or do a round of Zumba when I did my tea detox. It gives you more energy and once that starts, you just keep wanting to do more and more. It is important to keep your body healthy. If it wasn't for my tea detox, I would not be getting myself fit and healthy again. My tea detox is what put me into gear and started me back up into working out and eating healthy. If I can do it, so can you!

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