September 29, 2015

My September Ipsy Glam Bag Review!

A lot of my readers have been wondering where my Ipsy review was. Well I haven't done it because some of my items came damaged. My nail polish was on mostly all of my products. The good news is that Ipsy handled it and replaced all of my damaged items! How awesome is that?! Their customer service is excellent. They care about all of their subscribers/clients. This is my favorite bag to date. I have begun using it because 1. It matches my MK bronze bag and 2. It goes with my favorite season!

The first item in my bag was the NYX Cosmetics ipsy Eye Shadow Trio. I love NYX cosmetics and just love this eye shadow. This color palette is perfect for the Fall. You can wear this to the office or wear it on an awesome night out. This goes perfect with my skin tone as well. If you head over to, you'll be able to save 50% Off Eye-shadow Primer & Base! Just enter promo code NYXBASESCVRD at checkout. They are originally priced at $7.00 but with the promo code, they'll be $3.50!

The next item was the Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in Elegantly Wasted. I am not a fan of purple but this color really grew on me. I loved the way it went on and looked! I actually did a whole Halloween witch themed nail design that I will be posting on here soon so be on the lookout for that. It dries quick and is chip resistant. If you want this color or want to buy any other color then head over to! You'll be able to save 35% Off Any Purchase with promo code IPSYGIRL. These are regularly priced between $28.00-$35.00 but that's because it's apart of a 2-pk or a 3-pk. You are definitely getting your money's worth with this polish.

The next item is the Eau Thermale Avène Soothing Moisture Mask. I desperately needed a mask that won't irritate my skin even more from my sunburn. This mask was the one! Since I've been diagnosed with PTC, I have had to start taking some medications which makes my skin more sensitive to the sun so I get sunburned easily. My cheeks were a little sunburned and I did not want to try my other masks because I knew from past experiences, that it will just make it worse so when I read the back of this. It made me feel better in using it. If you head over to, you'll be able to save 15% Off All Eau Thermale Avène Products with promo code ipsy15.

The next item is the J. Cat Beauty #MOTD Waterproof Slide on Pencil for Eyes in Bronze. I wasn't really in love with this in the beginning but the more I started playing around with it, and it grew on me. It's a perfect color the Fall! I love the bronze color and it matches my ipsy bag! Head over to to save 25% Off Any Purchase when using promo code 915ipsy. This is priced at only $2.49!

My final item was the Crown Brush Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush. I have been waiting for this brush for a long time! I love it! I used it with my NYX eye-shadow and have not stopped using it since. This retails for $6.99 so make sure you head to to buy it!

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