October 12, 2015

Christmas & Thanksgiving Have Arrived at Target!

Thanksgiving and Christmas decor have made their ways onto the shelves over at Target and Halloween is still 3 weeks away! I absolutely love Christmas so when I saw that Target had started stocking their back shelves with Christmas decor, I was beyond ecstatic. Then I made my way to a little itty bitty corner by the all of the Halloween costumes and found the Thanksgiving decor. Oh was my little heart happy! I snapped a few pictures for all of you because the decor is just amazing. The first thing I came across was a Harvest 'Thankful' Marquee Sign that is made out of wood. This could be hung up on your door or on the wall. The cool thing about this sign is that it lights up! This retails for $25 which is worth the money. I could keep this hung up in my home year round.

Next I saw a cute Harvest Figural Bird. This retails in the store for $5 but it retails online for $8. This can be propped on your patio, by a vase in your family room, or on top of your fire place.

This Harvest Wheat Wreath really caught my eye. Only because it reminds me of a rustic style home. This wreath doesn't have to be used just for the season, this can be used year round if you have rustic decor in your home. This retails for $20.

The final thing that caught my eye was the Harvest 'Welcome' Hanging Wooden Sign. This is another decor item that can be kept out year round. This is something that I would buy 3 off just so I could do an Andy Warhol type project with wood stains. It retails for only $7. Now we get to the Christmas decor!

Christmas Wreaths! These are all beautiful and retail for $25. My two favorite Christmas colors are Gold and Red and I just happen to find these babies.

I turned the corner and found this cute 'JOY' Marquee LED Light up sign and the 'NOEL' Marquee LED sign. I just had to demonstrate how awesome it looks lit up. These retail for $20 and are worth every penny.

The final item that I found worthy of snapping a pic was the Star LED sign. It was cute. This too can be hung up or set on a shelf. It retails for $20 as well.

Was there anything in particular that caught your eye? Do you think it's too early for thes items to be displayed? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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