November 30, 2015

Cricket Wireless - Some Hot Cyber Monday Specials!

No contract cell phones from Cricket Wireless. Get a $100 gift card when you activate new service before December 6th. My dad used to have a certain company -- which shall remain nameless and every single year when he'd visit Puerto Rico, he would never get cell service. I decided things had to change so I told him to ditch his plan and let me take care of it. Being the frugal mom that I am, I told him about Cricket Wireless. He would be able to get stellar service while in Puerto Rico and the plans are awesome! He used to pay $72.xx a month but with Cricket, he has no contract and pays only $55 a month. My dad isn't the fancy phone having, texting, browsing the web, kind of guy. He is simple so I got him the HTC Desire. It's a great phone for him and it's easy for him to check out his facebook or shop on craigslist -- which is the only thing he uses the phone for besides calling his family. Cricket is also ideal for kids. Do we really want our teenagers using up our data or texting their friends those 1 word replies? No way! So check out some of the rates!

LG G Stylo (LTE) $99.99 after $50 MIB
Samsung Grand Prime (LTE) $49.99 after $50 MIB
LG Risio (LTE) FREE after $50 MIB
HTC Desire 626 (LTE) $129.99
HTC Desire 520 (LTE) $79.99
Moto E (LTE) FREE after $50 MIB
ZTE Overture 2 (LTE) FREE after $40 MIB
Nokia 635 (LTE) FREE after $20 MIB
ZTE Sonata 2 (4G) FREE after $30 MIB

And right now they have some awesome deals for Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday Deals - 50% Off Galaxy Phones (11/30 - 12/3)

Galaxy S4 $99.99
Galaxy S5 $199.99
Galaxy S6 $249.99

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