November 17, 2015

Disney's The Good Dinosaur Event!

Over the weekend, Disney was holding an event for The Good Dinosaur. At the event, kids were building dinograms. We took our son to this event and boy did he have fun and learn some new things. Here are a few pictures of the event below.

The event host asked the kids what their favorite Disney movie was. The kids were silent, my son yelled out "TOY STORY!". Mikey, my son, absolutely loves Toy Story. On this day, he played with the toys for about an hour - even though he has all of the toys at home. Walking into the Disney store truly feels magical. There is a special something about all Disney stores and amusement parks that make you feel the Disney magic.

After the intro, the host gave all of the kids the dinogram to create. It was pretty big and looked easy for the kids to do. My oldest was helping my son as you can see. Mikey was concentrating on how to make the T-rex.

The dinogram was built in lest than 10 minutes! It came out great and the it's in 3D!

As a parent to a child that is on the spectrum, I highly recommend these type of events. It helps them socially and keeps them entertained. Many of you might already know that he has Asperger's. To those of you that do not, he was diagnosed a few years ago. My husband and I try to have him involved in as many things as we can so that he doesn't get bored. He tends to get bored easily so anything that is arts & crafts related, calms him. He is in his element at the Disney store so we try to visit as often as possible.

Have any of you attended events? If so, which ones were your favorite?!

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