November 7, 2015

DIY Bleach Tie Dye Shirt!

Hello everyone! I know you guys love it when I post frugal DIY's so here is one that my daughter and I love! This past week at her high school, they had to wear a tie dye shirt for spirit week. Today my old high school plays their rival! Football is big here in Pennsylvania and these two teams are the oldest rivals. My town only has 2 public high schools so this is exciting. We looked in her closet and didn't find any tie dye shirts. I asked her if she wanted me to make one for her with bleach. And of course her eyes said "OMG YES PLEASE" lol.

I found an old navy blue long sleeve shirt, grabbed a few rubber bands, rubber gloves and a bottle of bleach. For this particular design I wanted to make a design coming from the bottom and going up. Directions are below.


  1. Place the shirt flat down on the bed.
  2. Pinch the corner of the shirt of the middle of the shirt and twist. Make sure it creates a nice flat circle.
  3. Grab 6 rubber bands and wrap them around the shirts. This will create 6 sections.
  4. Put the shirt aside and now grab a small tub/tote, or use your sink.
  5. Add about 2 cups of bleach. 
  6. Make sure you have on rubber gloves!
  7. Place one side of the shirt down and then repeat for the other side. 
  8. You'll start to see the color fade right away.
  9. Do not wash the shirt right away because the bleach will bleed into the non-bleached parts.
  10. Set aside and let it dry overnight.
  11. Remove the rubber bands. If the shirt is still wet, hand it up to dry.
  12. Once dried, you will be able to wash it. 
Below is the final result with my daughter wearing her shirt and going off to school! She loved it. Some of the bleached parts looked like hearts and we both loved that. We have a lot of bleach tie dye projects lined up for the future. The best apart of this project was that it was free! 

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