January 8, 2016

Where Did Those Tiny Holes In Your Shirt Came From?!

There are so many mysteries in life. Like what are my kids are up to, what is that funny smell coming from my vent, or where did those tiny little holes come from that appear on my shirts! I noticed that the holes were only on my camisole tops that I wear under my shirts. No holes appear on my other shirts. I had theories. I thought it could have been my washer or dryer. I did a test run on a new set of cami's that I bought and had my mom wash them over at her house in her washer and dryer. That theory failed. Then I thought about moths, but why were they only eating my cami's and not any of my other clothes? Or why would they eat the same exact stpots on all of my cami's? Just my cami's?! This theory was thrown out as well.

I finally found the culprit! The buttons on my jeans and the counter tops were causing the holes! Anytime you rub your waist against the counter, or any hard surface, it'll snag the thread and create a hole. I decided I was going to test it out with a new cami for a few days and I did. The bottom was the result of just a week! Can you believe that? I lost count after 5 holes.

I think I may have found a way to avoid these little holes - I can't promise you that your shirts will be free of holes. But I can try to help you avoid this. You can join the jegging crowd or tuck in the front of your shirt into your jeans so that it doesn't rub on your button. This isn't foolproof but I will see if it works. 

You can see that the holes are located where my button would be at. Please disregard my gym leggings.
Did you know this is how those tiny holes were made? If you did then why didn't you tell me?! If not, then I hope I helped you!

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