March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

Growing up, my birthday always fell on or days from Easter. My mom would stay home cooking the Easter meal and my dad would wake me up by pulling my toes. I'd get dressed in one of those over-sized Easter dresses - with the white Easter shoes and the socks with ruffles that I wore on top of my stockings, get my basket (which didn't have candy but things in relation to the holiday) and head out the door to church (raised catholic). Just me and him. My dad would wear the nicest clothes. I admired him, looked up to him, and always would tell my mom how great he was. Then we'd go to Burger King for lunch (he was very frugal lol and since it was my birthday, my meal was always free). We'd then go visit a few people and invite them over for Easter dinner. Our house was filled with love, friends, and family. I'd have to say that Easter was the best and my most favorite holiday.

This is my dad and a bunny he gave me for my birthday. We had this bunny for years. My dad isn't the smiling type but he's a gentle man. I'll never forget this birthday/Easter holiday.

Over the years I've noticed many people lose sight of what this holiday is all about. It has become all about who gets what and posting it on social media for some likes. They'll buy their kids outrageous gifts and post it to Facebook or Instagram as a "you can't top me, I bought my kids this so I'm better". It's pretty sad. A lot of people will say "Why did you buy your child that if it celebrates a paganism. Eggs have nothing to do with Jesus. In fact they don't. But my mother made it to be that our Easter baskets were filled with things that were about the true meaning. I'd get a new rosary or a new bible in mine - you can never have enough of either. When we dyed Easter eggs, my parents would tell us a story about how the eggs are a representation of us. The shell will be colored to show everything we've been through. The yolk it our heart and the egg white is our faith. The shell is just a layer to keep our hearts protected.

That has stayed with me for many years. The older I've gotten the more I learn and understand what and why my parents instilled such morals on us. It makes me smile and appreciate what I have. Although I do not go to church as often as I should. I truly believe that I am still a Catholic. I do know the word of Lord and will forever carry it with me. I instill the same moral and principle into my kids. My husband and I teach our children about the bible.

Happy Easter everyone! He has risen! This holiday isn't about the superficial gifts you give your children. It's about teaching them the gift they have received after he gave his life for ours.

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