April 25, 2016

DIY: Curly to Crimped Hair!

This weekend I did something different to my daughter's hair. She has the most beautiful curls but she wanted to crimp her hair. I really don't like using any heating tools on her hair if I can use other techniques to get the same results so I decided to braid her hair.

This is her hair naturally curly. 
I learned how to braid hair when I was little. It is hard but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easy. My daughter came to me on Friday asking me to crimp her hair. The problem with my crimping iron is that it's from the 90's and smokes when it's used, I didn't want to buy a new one, and I didn't want to use anymore tools on her hair if I don't have to. So that's when my braiding idea came into play. 

I did four braids on her hair. The braids took me about 40 minutes. I made sure her hair was wet. You always want to start with wet hair so that the crimp is set in better. I parted her hair down the middle first and then tied the left side and then parted the right side evenly and tied the half of that. I started braiding from the right to left. That's just my preference. In every section that I parted, I used Coconut oil, Moroccan oil and Argan oil. It keeps the hair moisturized, healthy, and conditioned. I wanted to give you guys a side view and a view from the top so you could see how the braids look. 

The braids are really tight so they don't become loose when she sleeps. Another thing you want to do when you're finished braiding is rub a little bit of coconut oil in between your palm and then rub them over the braids just to lock in the hair. 

This is how clean the braids should look at the end. You can do two big braids if you want the crimp to be bigger or add more braids if you want the crimp to be smaller. It all depends on how you want your hair to look. 

The next morning, her braids looked like this. If you look closely, you can see the little fuzzy hairs around. You can actually see how long her hair really is! We can never tell with her curls. 

Once I started taking her braids out, I started seeing the crimp result! I loved it and so did she.

I took out half of her braids and her hair was looking absolutely amazing. It gave her hair length and a different look. She wanted a different look so bad. 

This is the end result! She was so happy with her end result that she just couldn't contain her smile. She wanted to pick her hair out to make it bigger because she loves big hair. She is into the bohemian style so this is definitely her. Unfortunately she couldn't show her hair off with her new Spring/Summer clothes since her school has a uniform policy - hence the reason she is wearing a navy blue polo shirt in the picture above. What other hair styles would you like me to try on her? Just comment below and let me know!

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